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Suspensions in St. Cloud, MN

Any form of car misalignment can cause severe problems for drivers and their vehicles. Accurate suspension and alignment not only keep your ride smooth, they keep you in control. And it keeps your vehicle from needing more expensive repairs down the road.

If something is starting to feel a little off, it might be time to bring your car or truck to our auto repair shop.

Mike's Repair can handle suspension and alignment issues in St. Cloud, MN. This includes wheel alignment, rear and front end suspension service, stabilizer bar service and steering services.

Maneuvering a vehicle requires a lot of balance and configuration. Servicing the suspension of your vehicle requires certain tools and diagnostic tests to make sure everything is lined up and working correctly.

Our technicians have the equipment and expertise to evaluate and repair any misaligned elements of your vehicle's suspension. Whether it's a minor issue or a significant one, Mike's Repair will work to resolve the issue quickly. You can also trust Mike's Repair to provide you with:

Upfront evaluation/info about the state of your vehicle
Honest information about estimates and turnaround times
Fair prices for labor and services

Let our team take time to evaluate your vehicle's suspension. Come by Mike's Repair today and get any issues resolved right away.

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While we check these entries as quickly as possible, the fastest way to get in touch with Mike's Repair is to give us a call at 320-252-5523. We look forward to helping you!