Your transmission is an essential piece of keeping your auto up and running.

Transmission repairs & replacements in St. Cloud, MN

Have you been hearing bumps or clunks while driving? Maybe your car is shimmying or you've noticed a leak in your garage or driveway. These are all indicators that your vehicle's transmission needs attention promptly. The transmission is essential in keeping your car running well and in gear. Putting off inspections and repairs can end up costing you much more in the long run.

Transmission problems can be dealt with by either replacing your transmission with a remanufactured, refurbished or used transmission, or by repairing the problem. Each of these solutions comes with its own pros and cons. Depending on the age of your car, the mileage, the specific problem that your transmission is presenting and the cost associated with the work, you may determine that replacing your transmission is actually a better idea than a basic repair. The techs at Mike's Repair will always give you your options and their honest opinions about what your best course of action will be.

If you're dealing with transmission issues, call or come in to Mike's Repair for an estimate today. We are always happy to take a look and a listen and make sure you get what you need to get back on the road safely.

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